Frankfurt: The guide for a drink

Visit Frankfurt - Drink

It’s not because we are talking of Germany that we instantly rely on drinking Paulaner beer. Germans have an immense culture including folklore, sausages and schnaps. Here in LolaandGeorge, we would like to introduce you to German festivities by presenting the best bars in town for a drink.


Where to drink?


Mostly every bar in Frankfurt has its beauty and its interesting prices. But we selected for you the best spots taking in account price, place and atmosphere.

We kindly recommend you the Harry’s New York Bar as one of the best locations to drink in Frankfurt. You might consider to pay 10 euros or more for a cocktails but we guaranty you a good experience. The only bad point of this bar is the lack of smoking area which exposes you to the smoke of other clients. On the other hand, if you smoke you might appreciate their great selection of cigars.

Next, the JKF Bar & Lounge located in Kennedyallee. This hotel/bar offers meals and drinks depending on your taste. Anticipate the high prices as the place offers architectural beauty and real coziness. A cocktail costs around 15 euros as meals start from 19 euros up to 40 euros. For desert, you can either enjoy a handmade Panna Cotta for 14 euros or a Tiramisú for 12 euros.

If you’re considering to go to Frankfurt for Christmas, take a look at the menu proposed by the JFK Bar & Lounge. Their special offer concerns a menu all plates includes without beverages for 86 euros per person or 132 euros drinks included.

For New Year’s Eve, prices go higher for a 6-course menu without party attendance: 195 euros. If you want to join the party organized in the local afterwards, the price is of 219 euros.

If you are of those who like hidden or less crowded bars, we advise you to go to the Die Rote Bar on Mainkai Street. Prices are reasonable for an ensemble of 84 bartender’s special drinks, 120 long drinks and spirits and 54 other drinks. Whether it’s for an Aperol Spritz, a falsche ente or a Hugo the price is the same: 3.50 euros. Amazing, isn’t it?

For cocktails, prices start at 8 euros for a classic margarita up to 12 euros for a Butchertown.