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Japan - Karaoke bars

For all of us, western foreigners, Japanese culture seems rather interesting by its difference and cultural wealth. Some practices may seem weird for some of us as men dressing up like little girls or phallus festivals… But Karaoke bars were never among them. Now, Karaoke bars in Japan are the real thing! Not only a place to take off your stress as in other countries but a real institution of happiness.


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Karaoke Kan became famous after the visit of Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson for the filming of Lost in Translation. The attendance for this location is rather young, counting groups of 10. But if you’re only 2, don’t worry, the place also has small rooms with leather benches and a big television. The most amazing thing from Japan is the facility to order drinks or food via an interphone.

The Pasela resorts offer not only a karaoke service but also a restaurant. It is a karaoke known to collaborate with manga and anime franchises which makes it the paradise of otakus and gamers. Located in the area of Shinjuku, this emplacement also provides a wide range of foreign songs. You can also organize your birthday as the place will arrange a birthday cake for your private occasion.

If you know about Japanese culture and even more about Tokyo nightlife you may know Big Echo. It is the biggest karaoke shop chain in Japan and functions with Dam karaoke machines (in English, Japanese and Korean). The place has cosplay services, free Wi-Fi spot and serves Japanese food.
Some of their rooms are decorated, for example, a Hello Kitty-themed room is available for those who feel like going back to their young ages. If you’d like to sing English songs better go to another karaoke, here it is mostly 100% Japanese musical culture.

The Shidax karaoke bar located in Roppongi, is an enormous premise allowing groups of 40. The decoration is rather old style with leather armchairs, neon lightning and 70s wallpaper.