Winter travel tips by Stéphane Demazure


Winter holidays are coming soon, good news! On this occasion, Stéphane Demazure offers a few tips if you plan to travel during this period. Winter holidays are like a wonderful fairy tale: it’s snowing, there are bonfires and you still wonder why you didn’t go to a tropical country instead of spending your holidays sitting in the cold. So as not to turn into an ice cube during the holidays, here are a few simple tricks to follow if you go to a cold zone, like Norway for example, which Stéphane Demazure mentioned in another blog post.

A well packed suitcase

First reflex: a suitcase big enough to hold sweaters, sweatshirts and warm clothes to brave the cold!

Taking cold medicine is also highly recommended, as the weather is unpredictable. It is therefore necessary to think of everything and plan for flu drugs or essential oils adapted in case of a cold snap. The ideal solution is to put everything together in a plastic pouch so that you can find your way around,”recommends Stéphane Demazure. A pair of gloves and a cap are also essential to cover as many parts of the body as possible! In fact, two pairs and two hats are even recommended because if they are wet, it allows for a replacement.

As far as clothing is concerned, we prefer to take several layers to adapt to the temperature: cold outside and warm inside. Ideally, for example, you should have a t-shirt, sweater and jacket, and, if you’re cold, a warm coat to complement it. If you find yourself in a superheated restaurant, for example, simply remove the superfluous layers!

For skiing, a nose mask is highly recommended: indeed, with the wind of speed during the descent of the slopes, the nose can quickly find itself frozen, the occasion for a bloody cold to spoil the holidays. Stéphane Demazure therefore recommends that you take your nose mask with you during the ski sessions.

Another tip: a mask rather than glasses. In fact, skiing in the sun is very dangerous for the eyes, as the light reflects on the stained white of the snow. A mask may be less comfortable but will better protect your eyes laterally.

Protecting your suitcase

To recognize your suitcase or simply to protect it, you can make a suitcase protector. An old sweater will do the trick, just wrap it around the luggage.

Find your way

Getting lost isn’t funny . And getting lost in the cold is half as much fun,recalls Stéphane Demazure. A hands-free kit or tactile gloves will be appreciated to make a phone call to friends to meet up. In addition, a mobile phone card application is also very practical. A little worry: our smartphones’ batteries are unpredictable in winter (they seem to be draining twice as fast) and can drain when you least expect it. So don’t forget to bring (and charge) a portable battery in your bag.

The importance of shoes

Did you know there are shoe dryers? These high tech devices are very practical to avoid catching cold feet after walking in the snow for example. Another “gadget” to take away preferably when traveling in a destination where the heat does not reign! Another tip: a waterproofing spray to be applied on shoes to avoid soaking them and risk catching cold.

But the most important thing, as Stéphane Demazure reminds us, is to have waterproof and thick after-ski shoes with you. These shoes are certainly a little bulky in the suitcase, but they are very practical for walking in the fresh air and strolling in the snow.

Documents and other important items

Fashionable in the 90’s, the bumbag is also very practical: to go skiing for example, it can be used to store ski passes, wallets, identity documents (sometimes necessary) and of course mobile phones. Of course, you can also use the pockets of your ski pants, but these are not always very large and it can be uncomfortable to have all this material against yourself.

Relaxing holidays

For those whose ears are not too sensitive, why not bring earplugs? This will allow you to sleep well without being disturbed by the noise of neighbours (if you stay in a hotel for example). And then, on holidays we have in theory no timetables so no ringtone to hear in the morning to wake up! One more reason to buy earplugs, recommends Stéphane Demazure. You can find them in pharmacies, for example.

Safety first

Last but not least: if you travel by car, don’t forget snow chains or tires. You can never plan to the nearest centimetre for possible snowfall, and to avoid being “trapped” without being able to use your vehicle, these car accessories are essential. Prevention is better than cure, as the proverb says!


Source:  Stéphane Demazure’s blog