Thailand: The itinerary of a trip in 8 places to visit

Thailand trip places visit
Thailand trip places visit

To know where to go in Thailand, here is a basic itinerary in 8 places to inspire you to know what to do, see and visit in this country of beauty and smiles.


The Thai capital: The hub in Southeast Asia


Bangkok is a hub in Southeast Asia and has very affordable flights. It is very likely that you will set foot there one day if you travel on Asian territory.


1. Bangkok


Thai capital succeeding those of Sukothaï and Ayutthaya, is the center of all the economic, political, social and cultural activities of the country. What also makes it special is its dual identity. Modernism, with all its positive and negative aspects, revolves around a well-preserved traditional core.

It is better to plan a few days in Bangkok, because there is a lot to see. During your visit, It is possible to visit several of the most popular temples in the city. I suggest you for a first trip to linger on the Royal Palace, Wat Pho with its huge Buddha lying. But also, Wat Arun with its long stupa that you visit after crossing the river Chao Phraya. Bangkok is also a great place to shop and bring back memories if you come back at the end of your trip.


A good time to explore the small islands of the South


After abandoning behind you the madness of Bangkok, you can chain 18 hours of transport to go to the South. This area is recognized for its paradisiac beaches.  As this was our first stay in Thailand, we concentrated on the most recognized islands. But if you go there and are looking for a place to go in Southern Thailand, we suggest you to take a look at our destinations in Asia.


2. Koh Samui


Koh Samui Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is the second largest island in the country. It is the image of what one looks for when one thinks of the South of Thailand. A small paradise where it is good to find oneself that combines relaxation and adventure.

We stayed in a small hut (New Hut Bungalow on Booking or Agoda) directly on the beach. What a pleasure to hear the sound of the sea as the first note in your ear when you wake up.

Koh Samui can easily be discovered by scooter. After renting it out, we did the loop around it. We took the opportunity to stop at the Great Buddha, visit temples, take a short hike in the forest to a waterfall and climb to the top of the mountain to admire the panorama on the island. Not forgetting all those hours sunbathing on our beautiful beach in front of our cabana.


3. Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan is an island very close to Koh Samui. That is why we went there after our visit of the latter. It is best known for her mega evenings on full moon nights. Full moon parties attract hundreds of people who come to party all night long on the beach. We stayed very little time on the island which did not allow us to visit the more remote beaches. The main beach near which we stayed, on the other hand, was very beautiful and big and was swept by good waves to our great pleasure.

Additional info: There are many beaches around the island much more isolated. You can find more information on the internet.


4. Koh Phi Phi


Before leaving the South, we also wanted to see the Andaman Sea islands. Like many travellers, we wanted to see the famous beach from the film The Beach. So we joined Koh Phi Phi Don which is the mega tourist island where we find guesthouses, travel agencies and restaurants. It was one of the islands hit by the 2004 tsunami. Since it’s mostly a party island. But there is a great view from the top of the mountain on both bays that is definitely worth the effort to climb.