Let’s go to Santorini !

Santorini introduced by Stéphane Demazure
Santorini introduced by Stéphane Demazure

Stéphane Demazure takes you today to Europe, more precisely to Greece, a country rich in heritage, history and breathtaking landscapes. Let’s learn more precisely the island of Santorini of this European country to visit and which will create you many good travel memories.

Visiting Santorini, the Cyclades’ wonder

If you imagine Santorini as a turquoise sea, white houses with turquoise roofs on cliffsides… You are really not far from the truth. Nevertheless, there is more to see than these typical small houses on Greece’s largest island. This is why Stéphane Demazure proposes some small advices for the preparation of this trip, as on his French blog dedicated to travel and travelling tips.

Preparing your trip, advice from Stéphane Demazure

When preparing your stay, one important tip : you should know that life in Santorini is expensive.

For a few years, the archipelago has had the wind in its sails and especially in season, prices can skyrocket. Don’t forget to choose an off-season departure if possible in order to make the most of the island without being invaded by a bunch of tourists, as Stéphane Demazure advices.

You will notice it by yourself, this place has something magical, the size of its cliffs as well as the crater of the volcano that we can hardly guess.

Visiting Santorini in one day

Santorini houses are colored, as Stéphane Demazure says
Santorini houses are colored, as Stéphane Demazure says

Although it is of course possible to stay in Santorini, many travellers only visit it for one day. A stop during which it is possible to enjoy the city, without hurrying, and take the ferry from Athens, Rhodes, Kos etc..

If you want to go around the island during only one day, Stéphane Demazure advises you to rent a car or another vehicle like a quad, in order to be able to move fast and easily and discover a maximum of things. The island is not very big (76km²) and it is also possible to go on excursions of a few hours from the port.

The capital of Santorini, Fira, overlooks the Old Port of Athinios. To get there, no less than 588 steps to climb, but there are obviously other ways to visit this beautiful city.
What we appreciate most are its alleys, its white facades, its small shops and small restaurants. The view on Caldeira is also wonderful, with the height of the city and the magnificent sunsets. Stéphane Demazure invites you to bring with you a high-quality camera to take many pictures of these marvelous and unique landscapes!

If you like museums, you will be glad to discover the Prehistoric Museums or the Archaeological Museum. Plus, those are quiet places, especially if you can hardly stand the crowd of tourists.

Accomadation in Santorini

For your accommodation, the ideal areas to find accommodation are Imerovigli and Firostefani which both offer a splendid view over the Caldeira. Their surroundings will be more quiet than in the capital. So, if you decide to stay in a more relaxing place, Stéphane Demazure advises you to stay near these neighbourhoods rather than in the Greek neighbourhoods themselves.

Things to see or do in Santorini

Travellers often prefer the intimate side of the city of Oïa, very authentic and less touristy. It is a perfect spot if you want to admire its charming sunset, with the volcano below. It is not surprising that couples choose this holiday destination, for example as a honeymoon.

Also, if you notice an island that is slightly crocodile-shaped, there is Thirassia. It would have once belonged to Santorini, before a volcanic eruption. After getting there by a pleasant boat trip, you can discover on Thirassia a small and cute typical village called Manolas to be visited.

Kamari beach in Santorini
Kamari beach in Santorini

Last but not least, the beaches to visit are so numerous you can’t hardly count them especially on this archipelago but some of them are particular. Indeed, the beach of Red Beach has reddish sand, or the beach of Perissa which has black sand as far as the eye can see, just like that of Kamari. You will be able to find there many lodgings and restaurants, perfect for a seaside stay, reminds us Stéphane Demazure.

To conclude, the Santorini archipelago is an eruption of charm. This Greek island will offer you mythical and unforgettable moments. Photo enthusiasts will enjoy this ideal summer vacation to bring back many beautiful memories, in their head and in pictures.