An Unforgettable Trip to Andros Island

Andros Island

With it’s deep valleys but high mountains, Andros lies on the beautiful Aegean Sea, along with many other Greek islands. Different from it’s neighboring islands, Andros has many sites to see. A trip to Andros Island requires a special kind of preparation because it will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Preparing Your Stay

First and foremost, to assure your comfort, make sure to rent a villa for a vacation that you will never forget. Next, pack all the essentials that you will need, to fully experience everything that the Andros Island has to offer. Indispensable items to have included:

Cute outfits to wear, for when you take a stroll around the town or on the beach
Sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses, as you tan on the beautiful Andros beaches
A variety of colorful swimsuits, for when you decide to swim in the clear Andros waters
A guide book to provide different kinds of information, as you roams the alluring Andros streets
And of course, your camera or Smartphone, to capture everything you see on this pleasant trip

A Sight to See!

Even though you will have a device to take photos with, there is nothing like seeing the breathtaking scenery on the island with your very own eyes. Because the Andros Island is a classy place to be, it is guaranteed that everything in sight will be pleasing to look at.

It is known for its green hillsides and crystal clear waters, as well as its tempting golden sand beaches. During your trip, your eyes will equally have the pleasant satisfaction of seeing the pretty Andros towns, which are home to many historical museums, towers, and castles. Some of these sites include: The Andros Maritime Museum, The Archaeological Museum of Andros, The Agios Petros Tower, and the Castle of Chora. Prepare your eyes to experience this once-in-a-lifetime trip with views straight out of a magazine.

Escapades that Will Keep You Occupied

This Greek island is rich in a variety of activities that will surely keep you busy during your visit. It is perfect for a family vacation in which you can spend quality time with your loved ones while adventuring together. Coffee shops are scattered around the town, as places to socialize and get to know the locals and the cuisine. You can also plan hikes and drives as a family, to enjoy the Andros sceneries and to savor your memorable moments together.

But, most of all get ready for a paradisiac adventure, when you plan to spend some days by the water to take a look at the island’s aquatic fauna. You can even swim with them if you go snorkeling in the water. This will top off your momentous Andros Holiday!