Tips for a First-Time-Traveler to London


There is nothing more exciting than going on an adventure with your loved ones, to a place you have never been to before, especially if it is the city of London, England! Below are some tips for you if it is your first time travelling to London:

Visit the free attractions that London has to offer

There are so many sites situated in London that you can visit for free with your family and friends. From museums to gardens, you will surely be amazed at the treasures that you will find there. When visiting London, you can’t miss the British Museum that is dedicated to art, culture, and history of the British Empire. The Victoria and Albert Museum which is the world’s largest museum of design and sculpture, is also located nearby.

Right in the city there are also beautiful gardens that you can visit that are filled with London’s wildlife, where you can have picnics and refreshing walks. There are many things to do there including playing sports, watching live concerts and playing in the playgrounds with your family. These parks have some of the most beautiful views of the city of London. In Hyde Park, you can take your bicycle along and ride in the beautiful trees, by the lake and in the meadows. There, you will see Princess Diana’s Memorial Fountain. Regent’s Park has an Open Air Theatre where you can stop and entertain yourself with your friends. If you want to bump into some free roaming deer, you can make your way over to Royal Park.

Book everything before you get there

Before you embark on this breathtaking trip, make sure that everything is organized beforehand. This way you can do some extra research, and make sure that you will love every minute of your trip. Start off by booking the place you will stay at. There are many hotels and guesthouses that you can call home during your stay in London. Cities by days is a vacation rental that is an alternative to a hotel, which you can book before you stay. Book this rental beforehand to make your transition to London smooth and so you can focus on your thrilling adventure!

Cruise The Thames River

You might have already heard that it always rains in London! But no worries as long as you bring your umbrella. To your surprise, many things will be available for you to do when the rain decides to fall. The number one thing that tourists do when it rains is, they cruise The Thames. There are both daytime and night times options that you can choose from, where you can have lunch or dinner on a Bateaux London. You can also try their afternoon tea time cruise, as you listen to jazz music played by talented musicians. During the cruise, you will get to drift past the most breathtaking views that London has to offer, such as the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, or the House of Parliament.

Ride the London Eye

The London Eye is Europe’s tallest observation wheel and is the most paid tourist attraction in the UK. It is 135 meters tall, and you will be able to see spectacular views of the city from it. While you are on the ride, you will be able to take pictures and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Hit Oxford Street

Oxford Street is where the shopping is at! London is well reputed for having some of the best shopping in the world. Oxford Street is where you can go shopping, since it is lined up with high street shops that you can walk into and buy the latest fashion. You can also take your kids to a store called Hamleys, which has seven floors of just toys for sale. There is also department stores and shopping malls where you will surely find what your heart desires.