3 countries you need to visit for a culinary tour

culinary tour

If you are a real food and trip lover, you should invest on a journey where you can visit different countries and plan a trip around most of the world’s best spot of culinary tours. Planning a culinary tour will help you not only to discover best eats but also to learn how to prepare them. Here are three main destinations you should not neglect for your culinary trip.

Naples in Italy to discover the real taste of Italian pizza

When you talk about going in Italy, many people used to think about Venice, Rome or Florence. But if you want to taste the best pizza of the country, you’d better go to Naples. Apart from pizza, notice that you can also taste other eats that makes the reputation of this rich region.

It is only in Naples that you can taste a soft, chewy crust with slightly burnt edges pizzas filled with typical ingredients like fresh potatoes, mozzarella, regional cheese, soft- smoked meats and fine herbs with egg white powder.

During a Naple Street food tour, you can be sure to meet other tasty regional cuisines. With the altercation with the local people, you will probably discover their way of cooking, their passion but not necessarily the secret ingredient of the exceptional food that they propose.

You just have to be headed out with a local expert so that you can explore downtown squares and basilicas. Planning a culinary trip in Naples will rhyme with tasting other eats than pizzas. You may be astonished to get accustomed with zucchini flowers and soups once you will taste the gastronomic specialties of this specific region.

Marrakech in Morocco for the delicious colored foods

Marrakech is not only famous for its history but also for the delicious cuisine that it proposes. If you go for a culinary tour in that eclectic city, you will for sure taste authentic local eats. You will be invited to share a mint tea ceremony, one of the typical traditions of the local people and you can also be held to the market where you will discover the exceptional products of the region.

Among the most famous eats that you will probably taste in Marrakech, there are the tajine, the artisanal pastry, the meatballs, the almond juices but also the Moroccan salads and all the derivate food from olives.

At the end of the day, you may relax in a moroccan hammam. If your guide is a fine morrocan tradition lover, he or she will probably suggest you to complete your food trip with a visit at the hammam as it is part of morrocan beliefs and life.

Paris in France, the capital of gastronomy

In order to taste a delicious cuisine, Paris should not be neglected. This is in Paris that you can taste the richest products of France. And remember that it is in that country that you can meet the best wines, the most delicious cheeses of the world but also the richest mushrooms of the planet.

If you plan a tour in Paris, you will for sure meet some of their talented artisans. You can then contemplate them cooking for you the most typical food of the region such as cured meats, fresh-baked bread but also some typical pastries.

Among the best addresses in Paris, there are Montmartre, one of the most charming neighborhoods where you can see many gastronomic delight, Moulin Rouge but also Sacré Coeur, the best establishments which suggests fine gastronomy.

Otherwise, in Paris, you can eat like a real Parisian. You can go to the most starred hotels to degust a gourmet eats and also be satisfied with a local street food. They only serve the most delicious eats.